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Apron & Glove About Us

Introducing Apron & Glove

It takes certain creativity, vision and flair to create a hub for all things related to your home and lifestyle. Emirati boutique concept, Apron & Glove, does just exactly that. Combining etiquette, culinary skills, housekeeping and a general sense of lifestyle in an effortlessly chic manner, Apron & Glove is your one-stop villa to hone your skills, learn new talents and make the best of your home space.

Run by a team that is knowledgeable and skilled in every aspect of the home, Apron & Glove strives to help you create the perfect home setting; whilst also instilling in you the skills required to be a master at the space.

From offering deep cleaning and sanitisation (something that is essential in our current climate) to working with children to teach them culinary skills, Apron & Glove has something for each member of the household. Whether you visit them in their homely Jumeirah villa or they come visit you at your house, with the team at Apron & Glove, you can be rest assured that you will receive the best of service and a training to make your home a little more comfortable and chic.

For more information send our team a message at: info@apronandgloveacademy.com.

About The Founder

Founder and CEO, the creative behind Apron & Glove, Nadia Al Duhami, has always believed that every home deserves five star service. Keeping this in mind, she created Apron & Glove with the idea of providing top level housekeeping training and hosting protocols. Taking this vision further, she developed the space into the 'go-to' hub for etiquette training, culinary expertise and an overall mastery in hospitality.