Apron & Glove Etiquette

We provide the highest professional standards of coaching, training to individuals and organization in hospitality, retail, leisure and tourism.

The training may be held in the Academy or at your home. At the end of the training, the students will be given a manual that will be their guide for everyday work and a certificate that is KHDA approved.

Topics Covered:

          • Understanding the meaning of etiquette
          • Importance of etiquette        
          • Personal hygiene and proper grooming        
          • Etiquette for proper communication       
          • Confidentiality        
          • Importance of hosting protocol        
          • Familiarizing with methods of service       
          • Kinds of table setting      
          • Proper serving and clearance       
          • Proper loading and carrying of trays   
          • Proper cleaning of glassware       
          • Types of linen and purpose     
          • Napkin golding        
          • Types of hot drinks and serving method
          • Importance of hygiene and sanitation

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