Closet Arrangement Masterclass

Storage Apron & Glove

Decluttering one storage will take a lot of time and effort not to mention the heavy lifting of some items. Apron and Glove is here to offer a fast and accurate solution to your busy schedule.

We offer a storage management file that includes the photo of your valuable with the exact place as to where you may find it. Our storage management is not limited to the kitchen items but to closet storage, pantry storage, walk in closets and any other part of the house that needs an organisation.

To be able to provide a quotation, an ocular visit must be done. By this way, our professional may estimate the number of days it will take and how much work it will cost.

Contact our team to learn more or book your training session:

The work inclusions are:

1. Sorting of all the items
2. Placing all items in a storage box
3. Taking photographs to be posted on boxes
4. Labelling of all the items
5. Soft and hard copy of the inventory